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  • Terminated with Transparent custom-designed gold plated RCA connectors
  • Solid OFHC conductors
  • Transparent network rejects noise and improves transfer of low frequency signals.


  • Standard termination: RCA > RCA
  • Lengths:  25 feet
  • Built by hand in three standard lengths
  • Custom lengths always available

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240,00 € I.V.A. incluido


Transparent High Performance Subwoofer Kit elevates the performance of your subwoofer, bringing new realism, dynamics, and richness to the playback of all your favorite sources.

The kit consists of a single channel of The Link Interconnect with a network that provides superior bass frequency energy transfer, a gold-plated RCA Y adapter, and a 6″ RCA terminated piece of The Link Interconnect without a network. The 6″ interconnect spans from one of the RCA inputs on the Y adaptor to the second RCA subwoofer input. Using the short interconnect jumper improves subwoofer sound quality. Transparent’s The Link Interconnect is built by hand with custom-stranded OFHC copper cable.

With the addition of the High Performance Subwoofer Kit, you can expect to increase the low frequency impact and resolution of a powered subwoofer significantly. It will help your subwoofer keep up with the other parts of your system, particularly if the rest of your system is already linked with The Link, The Wave, and other Transparent High Performance HDMI Cables and power products.