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Terminado con conectores RCA chapados en oro de diseño personalizado transparente.

Conductores pesados OFHC sólidos.

La red transparente proporciona un rechazo de ruido superior y una mejor transferencia de señales de baja frecuencia.

Más detalles

670,00 € I.V.A. incluido


Transparent Plus Subwoofer Kit is designed to extract the highest possible level of performance from your subwoofer.

The kit consists of a single channel of Plus Interconnect with a network that provides superior bass frequency energy transfer, a gold-plated RCA Y adapter, and a 6″ RCA terminated piece of MusicLink Plus Interconnect without a network. The 6″ interconnect spans from one of the RCA inputs on the Y adapter to the second RCA subwoofer input. Using the short interconnect jumper improves subwoofer sound quality.

With the Plus Subwoofer Kit, you can expect to increase the low frequency impact and resolution of a powered subwoofer significantly. It will help your subwoofer keep up with the rest of your system, particularly if the rest of your system is already linked with Plus level Transparent Cables and Transparent Premium HDMI Cables and power products.

Plus Subwoofer Kit transfers more low frequency energy than Transparent’s High Performance Subwoofer Kit due to heavier solid OFHC conductors, more substantial gold plated connectors, and more effective network design.

Plus Subwoofer Kit is upgradeable through an authorized Transparent dealer to a subwoofer kit at Super level and above