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Terminado con conectores RCA chapados en oro de diseño personalizado transparente.Conductores pesados OFHC sólidos.La red transparente proporciona un rechazo de ruido superior y una mejor transferencia de señales de baja frecuencia.

Terminación estándar: RCA> RCA Longitudes: 15 pies

Construido a mano en tres longitudes estándar.

Más detalles

1 230,00 € I.V.A. incluido


The Super Subwoofer Kit will increase the low frequency impact and resolution of powered subwoofers significantly, helping them keep up with the rest of the system, particularly if it is already linked with Transparent Super interconnects, Super speaker cables, and Transparent Premium HDMI cables.

The kit consists of a single channel of Super RCA Interconnect with a network that provides superior bass frequency energy transfer, a gold-plated RCA Y adapter, and a 6″ RCA terminated piece of Super RCA Interconnect without a network. The 6″ interconnect spans from one of the RCA inputs on the Y adapter to the second RCA subwoofer input. Using the short interconnect jumper improves subwoofer sound quality.

Super Subwoofer Kit transfers more low frequency energy than Plus Subwoofer Kit due to heavier solid OFHC conductors and a network design with tighter-tolerance parts and construction.

Super Subwoofer Kit is upgradeable through an authorized Transparent dealer to a subwoofer kit at Ultra level and above.

If you require a length or option not listed in the drop down menu for this product, please give us a call at (207) 284-1100, and we will walk you through the order process for custom items.