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  • Terminación estándar: pala> pala
  • Longitudes: 12 pies
  • Terminaciones / longitudes / singles personalizadas siempre disponibles.
  • Los cables de altavoz Plus se pueden actualizar a través de un distribuidor de Transparent autorizado para cables de altavoz de nivel superior y superiores.
  • Adaptadores: banana, pin, pala pala, biwire

Más detalles

1 200,00 € I.V.A. incluido


Plus is a big, but cost-effective upgrade for music lovers who want to replace their smaller, thinner speaker cables with heftier cables. We build Plus speaker cable by hand from OFHC copper cable and Transparent gold plated connectors. Plus networks insure better low frequency signal transfer and help reveal more musical information because they reduce noise.

Available as biwire for 4-input speaker connections. Choose between Standard Connection and Biwire Connection in the Speaker Input  selection below.

If you require a length or option not listed in the drop down menu for this product, please give us a call at (207) 284-1100, and we will walk you through the order process for custom items.